Rotary Peace Precinct

Location: Bushman Street (East), Parkes

rotary peace precinct

Wander through the Parkes Rotary Peace Precinct, a place for contemplation and reflection about world peace. Explore the five carved timber sculptures along the trail which are carved with Wiradjuri iconography to acknowledge the First Peoples and our local history.

Explore the five carved dendroglyphs along the trail which stand for peace, respect and value diversity, acknowledge the past, strong families strong community, and Yindymarra Winhanganha - a Wiradjuri phrase meaning ‘respect and learning through listening and thinking’.

They should remind us that respect, rejection of violence, resolution of conflict, reconciliation of differences, and freedom of expression and cultural diversity, contribute to a state of peace.

Themes for Peace

The five timber dendroglyphs are carved with Wiradjuri iconography. Reconciliation with Australia’s First Peoples is a priority acknowledged by the Peace Precinct. Metal art works are installed on the first two dendroglyphs along with the word “PEACE” (GULBALANHA in Wiradjuri). Then each dendroglyph has a plaque that carries a theme.