Special Offers

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Special Offers

Apollo 11 Deals

Be out there in the Parkes Region this winter season and be amazed by all things space + science when Parkes and the world celebrate the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon. CSIRO will be hosting an open day weekend at 'The Dish' on the 20-21 July 2019.

In celebration of this 50 year milestone, we have also put together some great offers for the winter season to encourage visitors to explore more of the region and enjoy all events, attractions and experiences that the Parkes destination has to offer.

Access your APOLLO 11 offers by clicking the button below.

Central NSW Discovery Passport

Collect the stickers and go in the draw for a great prize

Five of our great attractions are included in the Passport. Visit at least three of them, then call in at the Visitor Information Centre with evidence (selfies will do) to get your Passport sticker for Parkes Shire.

Download the Top 50 list of participating Attractions and Venues across the 10 local government areas that make up Central NSW.

Henry Parkes Centre Local Incentive Offer

Bring a paying visitor and get free entry as a Parkes local resident

Be a local touirsm ambassador and bring a visting friend or relative to the Henry Parkes Museums. With any paying visitors, you as a local resident can gain entry free of charge by signing up to the Local Resident Incentive Program.

Other benefits include in store vouchers at the Parkes Vistior Information Centre when you redeem this offer 5 times or more.