Dragon Boat Learn to Paddle

Dragon Boat Learn to Paddle

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Dragon Boat Club Parkes

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Parkes Dragon Boat Club invites YOU to come and make a splash out on the lovely Lake Endeavour!

THE SPORT: Dragon Boating is a fabulous sport because it caters for all ages (over 12) and all levels of fitness and ability. It is great for singles or for couples. It generates fun and friendship. It is flexible in commitment level, as members can paddle once in a while just for fun, or they can commit to any level from local regional regattas to international championships.


COME-AND-TRY: Newcomers are always welcome to come and have a go. Beginners can learn to paddle at their own pace within the program designed exclusively for new comers.


♦ Sports clothes for easy movement;
♦ a cap;
♦ closed-in shoes are a must – old joggers or water shoes (just in case your feet get wet);
♦ sunscreen;
♦ a life jacket (your own or one of ours).
♦ And bring a water bottle.


SAFETY IN THE BOAT: Always listen to the sweep (the steers-person at the back of the boat) who is in charge of the boat. The coach or the drummer may give instructions, but the sweep’s commands overrule all else. The person beside you in the boat is your buddy. Always watch out for the safety and well-being of your buddy. If you are new to paddling you are encouraged to stop and rest whenever you would like to (but remember to pull your paddle in and keep your elbow inside the boat so the paddler behind doesn’t whack you with their paddle).


SWEEP’S COMMANDS: Some common commands you will hear – ‘Paddles Up’ means paddles in position ready to paddle. ‘Paddles Flat’ is to hold the paddle outwards with blade on the water. ‘Stop the Boat’ is holding paddles fully in the water close to the side of the boat. ‘Paddles Back’ means paddles behind you, ready to paddle in reverse. ‘Let it Run’ is to let the paddles rest on the gunwale. The last being a very welcome and awaited command at the end of a strenuous session.


PADDLING SESSION TIMES: 10.30am – 11.30am Sunday (Starting 7th November 2021)


HOW TO GET THERE: Lake Endeavour turn-off is 28km from Parkes on Henry Parkes Way (Orange Rd). Turn left into Lake Endeavour Road, onto 6km of good dirt road. There’s a left turn when you’re almost there. Then you’ll see a blue P for parking. Just follow the signs


WANT TO KNOW MORE: Message us on Facebook for more info. Or call one the following –
Bill Thomas 0418616500.
Beth Thomas 0418253045


November 7 (Sunday) - December 12 (Sunday)(GMT-11:00)


Lake Endeavour