HARS Parkes Aviation Museum

HARS Parkes Aviation Museum

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HARS Parkes Museum

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Special Event


The first weekend in April will see much aviation activity at Parkes Regional Airport with large ex military aircraft overflying the town and the presence of up to 100 recreational aircraft and their crews flying in and camping at the airport to celebrate their passion and hobby with similar like minded people.


If you have ever thought about learning to fly and are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to do it come out and look at what recreational aviation is all about and the number of young teens who fly before they can drive!!!.


SPEACIAL EVENT 2pm Saturday 2nd April

Part of the event will be overflying of the airport and Parkes by the aircraft of the HARS Parkes Aviation Museum, so look to the skies at around 2pm on Saturday 2nd April and enjoy the sight and sounds of those big radial engines.


The HARS aircraft participating in the flyover, subject to weather and serviceability, will be the AP3-C Orion the long range maritime patrol aircraft that came out of service in 2018, also in the flyover will be an ex RAAF DC3. There will also be an ex RAAF Caribou a workhorse of the Vietnam War, that will spend some time in the circuit area for people to enjoy.


The aircraft will not land and the museum aircraft at the airport will be open for you to visit on board, they are the AP3-C Orion, the Caribou, 2 Lockheed Neptunes, a de Havilland Heron, a Harvard military trainer and a 1938 Lockheed 12 being reassembled.


Many of these aircraft will have open cockpits that children of all ages can sit in and enjoy.



The Museum will be open Thursday to Sunday from 9.30 to 3.30 and the cost for a family is only $20


For further information contact Mike De La Hunty on 0418 473 175


March 31 (Thursday) - April 3 (Sunday)(GMT-11:00)