Be REaDiculous!


Community Reading Day at Cooke Park

PAINT Parkes REaD is hosting their annual Community Reading Day at Cooke Park on Friday 14 Septemer, and this year it’s going to be REaDiculous.


Come along for a morning filled with action packed fun including Dancing and Singing in the main street, performances by community members, reading in stores, games and much much more!


Don’t forget to dress to the REaDiculous theme, and keep your eyes open for REaDiculous things around town.


This year’s REaDiculous Rhyme Hunt Hints have been revealed:

1 – Green snails have emerald nails.

2 – I’m the king of the castles, and you’re the little rascals.

3 – Georgy Porgy had a peek, of all the things in the boutique.

4 – Hopalong Cassidy’s horse needs a haircut.

5 – Itsy bitsy black dress, in a fashion store.

6 – The family name of my shop starts with a ‘B’ and rhymes with turn and fern.

Can you work them out?


PAINT Parkes REaD is a community project encouraging families to READ, TALK, SING and RHYME to their babies right from birth.