Public Art Trail

Wander the Parkes CBD and marvel at the public art installations representing the region’s local culture and icons. Explore the Parkes Shire townships which also feature public art installations.

Local artists have been commissioned by Parkes Shire Council to provide the works in the Parkes CBD which all reflect elements of Parkes’ character through sculptures and murals covering themes of history, astronomy, pop culture, literacy, agriculture and indigenous heritage which depict the essence of these thriving country communities.

Installations have now been added to Peak Hill, Trundle, Tullamore and Bogan Gate extending the trail across the Parkes Shire.

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Locations + Themes

A Stellar Constellation of Art

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Parkes is shining bright with astro art!

A Stellar Constellation of Art by Sean James Cassidy is now showing featuring songs by Jason Nacho Murchie, poetry by Jim Cassidy and Kerrie Peden. Sean uses images of Parkes that are woven throughout his artworks depicting the town’s evolution and links to astronomy. Enjoy the artworks coming to life in the animations below.