Be Welcomed in Tullamore

Tullamore is situated on the Bogan Way, an alternate north south route to the Newell Highway. With a population of approximately 500 people, including the township and surrounding farms, there is a strong sense of community and mateship.

Many Irish born settlers moved into the area in the 1900’s and today up to 80% of the community retain Irish family connections.  Many rural properties around Tullamore are named after Irish towns, such as Omagh, Kinvara, Cadungle, Fermoy and Carlyle.

Sheep and cattle grazing and crop production is the basis of the Tullamore economy. Wheat, barley and oats, oilseeds and winter legumes are grown annually, bringing the town alive during November for harvest.  Tullamore offers an insight into rural activity during the annual show in August.

Town Map